Brent Bill -- Other Books

Other Books by Brent
Holy Places:
Matching Sacred Space with Mission and Message
(with Nancy DeMott and Tim Shapiro)

Imagination And Spirit:
A Contemporary Quaker Reader
(starred review in Publishers Weekly)

40 Days and 40 Bytes:
Making Computers Work for Your Congregation
(with Aaron Spiegel and Nancy Armstrong)

The Secret Junior High Survival Guide, Stuff Your Guidance Counselor
Never Told You
, Cruisin' and Choosin',  Lunch Is My Favorite Subject,
How To Be A Friend in An UnFriendly World, Stay Tuned , Rock and
Roll: Proceed With Caution
, David B. Updegraff: Quaker Holiness

Contributor to: Wedding Blessings: Prayers and Poems Celebrating
Love and Marriage, Keeping the Faith, Quaker Lite 2 & ½: The Lite
Within, Quaker Lite, Creative Worship Ideas, The Youth Study Bible,
The Group Retreat Book.
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Like a neighborly
conversation across a  
kitchen table, this slender
volume emphasizes the
mundane details of daily
life as they are enlightened
by being attentive to the
Spirit of God  .... Brimming
with homely parables of
spiritual illumination found
in museum exhibits,
snowstorms ...  the book
is punctuated with
frequent 'illuminating
moments' or questions
intended to evoke
-- Publishers Weekly