Holy Silence
Brent's Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality published by Paraclete
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Holy Silence.

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A self-confessed "type A personality," Bill brings a buoyant but realistic tone
to his subject. Interspersed with quotations from various Christian writers and
pauses for "quietude queries," or reflective moments for relaxation and
contemplation, the slim volume is a useful tool for readers seeking a guide to
devotional practice . --  
Publishers Weekly

In this inspiring paperback, he [Bill] presents a graceful and substantive
overview of the treasures of silence in the Quaker tradition.
-- Spirituality and

"There is the silence of monastic discipline, of contemplative prayer, of Zen
meditation - but the particular ways of Quaker silence are distinctive. And that
distinctiveness has contributions to offer across spiritual traditions. J. Brent
Bill, in this beautiful reflection on the Quaker practice of silence, makes these
gifts available to a wide range of contemporary readers. . My counsel to you
regarding the book is this: find a quiet place, settle down with the book, and
listen for holy silence." - Stephanie Ford for
Friends Journal

The title, Holy Silence, and the book's striking cover -- a beautiful and simple
black and white paper-cut of a pastoral farm scene -- enticed me right away.
..., Holy Silence did not disappoint.

Bill's introduction to Quaker spirituality is an accessible overview that briefly
acknowledges the history of the practice of silence in various and diverse
religious traditions, but proceeds quickly into a discussion of the
distinctiveness of Quaker silence. Laced with stories from the author's own
experience and periodic injections of "quietude queries" (the Quaker practice
of asking spiritual questions within the silence) the reader is invited to
participate in and reflect on the practice while learning about it.
-- Explore
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