Brent Bill -- Workshops
Brent is a popular workshop leader and speaker.  He is available to
speak or lead workshops on a wide range of topics.  Some of his
most requested workshops and readings are listed below.
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Spirituality Workshops
Sacred Compass: The Way of Spiritual Discernment
A compass makes a good metaphor for our spiritual lives and the work of
discerning God's will for them.  God doesn't speak as clearly and as obviously
as Mapquest or GoogleMaps or GPS.  Maybe that's because we don't navigate
the life of faith via anything remotely resembling GPS.  Instead, the divine
compass points us to the mind and love of God.  Keeping our soul's eyes on
the sacred compass leads us to the holy discovery that we can move through
life with purpose and promise, even in those times when we may not sense
with certainty what that purpose and promise are.  In a grace-filled way, our
compass invites us into a life of continuous experiences of God and of
spiritual transformation.  As we move toward Divine guidance, we joyfully
behold the face of a loving God gazing back at us.  This workshop, based on
Brent's book
Sacred Compass, is an interactive opportunity to check our
compasses and see where God has lead and is leading us.  We'll use
experiences such as drawing Life Maps, charting the call of the Divine in our
lives, and more.  
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Being Quiet: Quaker Silence as a Spiritual Practice for Everybody
There are the silences of monastic discipline, of contemplative prayer, of Zen
meditation - but the particular ways of Quaker silence are distinctive. And that
distinctiveness has contributions to offer across spiritual traditions.   Brent
Bill,  a Quaker minister, reads from his book
Holy Silence: The Gift of
Quaker Silence and leads participants into learning to listen for the sounds
and voice of God in the midst of our busy lives. A self-confessed Type A
personality, Brent examines the interior and exterior barriers to silence that
confront us daily, sometimes by drawing (with a droll sense of humor) on
situations from his own life.   
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Writing Workshops
Writing from the Heart: Soulful Creativity
Do you wish to write in a way that touches readers and yourself? That’s
the kind of writing that makes Anne Lamott's essays,  Phil Gulley's Harmony
tales, and Barbara Brown Taylor's memoirs so appealing. Brent's own writing
has been described by Publishers Weekly as being "Like a neighborly
conversation across a kitchen table."  Whether you are writing fiction or
nonfiction, you want to write from the heart and not just from the head.  This
workshop offers tips and techniques for connecting with your writer's heart
and how to put your heart on paper.  We'll spend much of the day writing,
using exercises that will help us uncover the deep themes and concerns that
will bring our writing to life.  We'll also look at the practical side of getting
such writing published.

Writing a Winning Proposal: From an Author's Viewpoint
A good proposal might get read; a great one will get noticed.  We'll look at
how to craft that great proposal. Each participant should submit a full
proposal's including overview/purpose/audience/title
comparison/bio/marketing strategies/table of content and at least a 10 page
sample text two weeks prior to the workshop.

Blogging, Facebooking, and Websiting: Getting Noticed in the E-
You've done the writing, now it's on to the business of being a writer, notably
marketing your work in an electronic age. We'll explore various ways to
connect with your e-public. Bring your suggestions of electronic author stuff
that you think works well to share with the group.

The Part-Time Writer
Writing is more than a hobby, it's a vocation. Yet, it's hard to make living
writing -- especially when the kids want to eat!  So how do you support your
vocation in an economic world that makes you go to work?  An informal
conversation with a writer who makes his living by means other than writing.
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