Brent Bill -- Sacred Compass

"Sacred Compass is the perfect companion for those seeking to follow God in the way of
Jesus in the midst of the realities of 21st century life. Brent Bill graciously and passionately
opens the pathway of the spiritual practice of discernment for the novice and deepens the
possibilities for the well experienced. This book will serve as a revelation for many and well
could be the start of a revolution for a new generation of Christians."   -- Doug Pagitt, Pastor
of Solomon's Porch and Author of A Christianity Worth Believing

"The scope of an ordinary compass is limited to 360 degrees. In his new book,  Brent Bill
places our heart at the center of a SACRED COMPASS; creating, in 'plainspeak' a most
welcome handbook for spiritually engaged decision-making." -- Noel Paul Stookey , Paul of
Peter, Paul, & Mary

A compass makes a good metaphor for our spiritual lives and the work of
discerning God's will for them.  God doesn't speak as clearly and as obviously as
Mapquest or GoogleMaps or GPS.  Maybe that's because we don't navigate the life
of faith via anything remotely resembling GPS.  Instead, the divine compass
points us the mind and love of God.  Our sacred compass operates in our souls
and calls us to life with God.  The sacred compass leads us on a life of pilgrimage
-- a hike to wholeness and holiness.

Keeping our soul's eyes on the sacred compass leads us to the holy discovery that
we can move through life with purpose and promise, even in those times when
we may not sense with certainty what that purpose and promise are.  In a grace-
filled way, our compass invites us into a life of continuous experiences of God
and of spiritual transformation.  As we move toward Divine guidance, we joyfully
behold the face of a loving God gazing back at us.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One -- As Way Opens :Moving from Tourists to Pilgrims
  • Chapter Two -- Lives that Speak: What We Are Saying to Others and
    Ourselves Along the Way
  • Chapter Three -- Paying Attention : Seeing the Signs On the Way
  • Chapter Four -- Testing our Leadings: Stages of Discernment
  • Chapter Five -- The Dark Path: What if You Lose Your Way?
  • Chapter Six -- West of Eden: What if the Way Takes Us Unexpected Places?
  • Chapter Seven -- Traveler's Aid: Offering Assistance to Others Along the
  • Chapter Eight -- The Dance of Discernment: The Gift and Responsibility of
    the Way

  • Backmatter
  • Hiking Equipment:  Additional Resources for Following the Sacred Compass
  • Compass Calibration: Questions for Spiritual Growth
  • Fire Starters: Prayers for Pilgrims
  • First Aid Supplies: Books and Web Resources for the Journey
  • Acknowledgements
  • End Notes
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"Sacred Compass
celebrates and reassures
that on this engaging,
glorious, bewildering
human journey, we
individually and
communally carry with us
source of navigation."
-- Carrie Newcomer,
Rounder recording artist,
The Geography of Light